Why Does My Boyfriend Lock His Phone?

by kajay on December 14, 2011

The cell phone is one of the greatest contributions to technology man has ever devised. It revolutionized the way people communicate with each other, practically from any point where there is a signal or even while on the move.

It made the world smaller, brought people closer together, and saved countless lives from emergency situations.

However, the cell phone has also been a source of remorse for many, particularly in the context of infidelity.

As easy as it is to communicate on the cell phone with anybody, a boyfriend can also use this tool to cheat on you and will try to hide the fact by locking his phone and preventing you from gaining access.

If you’re in a serious relationship with your boyfriend and find that locking his phone serves as a hindrance that prevents you from going deeper into your relationship, then you must first understand the real reason why he is locking his phone.

He is definitely hiding something from you but it may or may not be infidelity – so, it would be to your greatest advantage to learn and find out what.

* It’s a “Man” Thing

Locking his phone may be his way of keeping part of his “manhood” before getting into a deeper relationship with you. Boys at any age are into a lot of mischief they never get tired of and this may include sexual adventures with his buddies.

This does not really mean that he is into something emotional or getting into a relationship with another girl, but maybe in engaged in something sexually promiscuous that he opted to hide these things from you.

It may not come as a surprise to some to find nude pictures of girls on their boyfriend’s cell phone, most of which may be “shared” by his friends – but it does not mean he is really cheating on you.

* It’s a Privacy Thing

Locking his phone may not be ample proof that he is cheating on you as he may be doing so because it’s a privacy thing. In a similar manner that you don’t want your boyfriend prying into your purse, bag or drawers, there are areas of privacy that your boyfriend feels that he is entitled to and this includes his cell phone.

So, if he does not exhibit other suspicious behaviour that indicates he is cheating, then maybe locking his phone is a simple act of maintaining privacy – even from you.

* He is Dealing in Something Illegal

This may sound farfetched for many but your boyfriend may be locking his phone when you’re around because he does not want you to know that he is dealing in something illegal.

No matter what “illegal” matters he is involved in, he may locking his phone to hide the fact and is doing so to protect you or he does not want you to get involved.

It can be as serious as this or it can also be mundane such as he simply does not want you going over his things.

* He is Cheating on You

Lastly, he may be locking his phone because he does not want you to know that he is engaging in something that is considered cheating or acts of unfaithfulness towards you.

However, locking his phone should not be your sole basis for concluding that he is cheating on you. There are other sources of evidence that you could look into to confirm your suspicions, although locking his phone can be a red flag that he is hiding something.


Disclaimer: Spying may be an offense in your jurisdiction or country to monitor the activities of other individuals. So depending on where you are located, please consult your attorney before resorting to any spying.

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