Why Did My Spouse Change Password On the iPhone?

by kajay on December 30, 2011

Almost everything in this modern world has evolved in parallel with technological advancements people have enjoyed over the years.

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Such advancements made work, study, and play much more convenient, mobile and rapid that they permeated themselves into almost every aspect of people’s lives today.

In the context of infidelity, gone were the days when the only means of communication between a cheating spouse and his or her lover were encrypted messages that can easily be intercepted or paid couriers who can easily be bribed.

Right now, cheating spouses make use of every known electronic or digital tool to get in touch with their lovers with minimal risk of being detected.

One such tool is the iPhone, an innovative communication tool that brings almost all known forms of electronic communications literally under your fingertips.

One such feature of the iPhone is its password capability, locking the phone and its content from prying eyes unless you have the correct password.

In a healthy and happy marital relationship, spouses don’t lock down their phones from each other or if they do, would reveal the password to his or her mate.

But what if your spouse changed the password to his or her iPhone, and fails to tell you what the new password is?

Should this incident ring loud bells telling you that something is seriously wrong – something that smells of infidelity?

At this point, it would not be wise to jump into conclusions without first knowing the real score behind your spouses’ actions.

One possible reason is that your spouse changed the password for security reasons, fearing that someone is trying to hack their way into his or her phone, and his or her failure to tell the changes made was a simple oversight that he or she did not intend.

If this is the case, he or she would have no second thoughts of telling you the new password – otherwise his or her refusal to do so would be something for you to ponder on and investigate further.

Another possible reason for the password is to protect the phone from being erroneously dialled while placed inside his or her bag and getting into contact with other stuff that could activate the touch screen.

A reason as innocent as this should not be cause for concern if he or she would tell you the password later. On the other hand, his or her failure or refusal to do so should warrant further investigation on your part.

You should look for other signs from his or her behaviour aside from the fact that he or she is locking down the iPhone to know for certain that he or she might be having an affair.

Hiding her iPhone while sleeping or keeping it close to her at all times can be suspicious, and so does his or her unusual behaviour of going to another room or outside when he or she is talking with someone else on the phone.

A quick check on his or her phone bill for unusual numbers called is another way of investigating the fact.

Changing the password on his or her iPhone does not mean your spouse is cheating on you and hiding the fact.

Do not go to the extreme and make use of all sorts of illegal electronic shenanigans so you can access your spouse’s iPhone and dig through its contents. Sometimes an honest to goodness one-on-one discussion is all you need.

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Disclaimer: Spying may be an offense in your jurisdiction or country to monitor the activities of other individuals. So depending on where you are located, please consult your attorney before resorting to any spying.

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