Is My Wife Cheating On Me?

by kajay on December 11, 2010

The only sure way to confirm that your wife is cheating on you is when she admits that she is. Other than that, anything you hear or see would be based on plain speculation.

However, there are ways for you to stop the infidelity from progressing any further by knowing the telltale signs of a cheating wife early on.

The point of knowing the early signs of infidelity is for you to nip it at the bud and find ways to rekindle your romance and lead your wife back into your arms.

While infidelity can be characterized by a number of elements, there are general signs of cheating that seem to be common to most women.

By knowing how to spot the early signs, you will be able to save your marriage from possible pain, or, perhaps, even make it stronger by opening up lines of communication and rekindling the fire.

Of course, if the lost has gone and the infidelity is based on it, that’s another story.

Here are the common signs of a cheating wife.

You Notice Changes In Her Routine

Majority of women are sticklers for order and most of them follow a specific daily routine. If you notice your women suddenly deviating from her normal schedule and finding time to hang out with the girls, something could be up. A woman will definitely find ways to spend time with her lover no matter what.

Changes in a woman’s routine could be a sign of a cheating wife. Of course, this isn’t 100 per cent true, especially as a lot of women nowadays are becoming more empowered to get engaged in various pursuits. Confirm where she is going and if you find that can’t trace her whereabouts, then start wondering.

She Becomes Highly Argumentative

If your loving wife suddenly starts picking a fight on whatever and wherever, it could be a sign of infidelity. She could be really stressed about her new “schedule” that any little thing you notice and voice out can trigger a negative response.

Argument is a common defense mechanism of people who are hiding something. It could be the same with your wife. If she starts picking fights and then finds reasons to storm out of your house in anger, these could well be an alibi to spend time with someone else.

She Becomes Very Conscious Of Her Looks

It could be that your wife is trying to look good for your sake. But when she takes this new look out of the house and most of the time out of your sight, it could be meant for someone else.

Women can get very obsessive with their looks when they’re trying to impress a man. If you’re not the recipient of this obsession, you can start wondering whether your wife is seeing someone else.

She Spends A Lot Of Time On The Phone Or Online

The point is, your wife is talking to someone a lot and that someone is not you. In a marriage, husbands and wives commonly swap stories at the end of the day and share a laugh or two. If you find your wife sharing these stories with a friend more often and morphs into a somber mood when you’re around, that could be a sign of a cheating wife.

In the end, while there is no one way to tell if your wife is cheating on you, these signs will give you an idea that something is not going well with your relationship. It could just be a communication problem that you need to patch up and talk about, or new interests that are cropping up at mid-age.

If so, then that’s a good thing. Relationships need something new to keep things interesting, provided, of course, that these interests are known to both and not hidden.

These signs of a cheating wife are not 100 per cent correct, but if you sense something is weird, it’s best to immediately act on it towards improvement. Denying the potential of a problem could lead to its worsening.


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