How To Use iPhone Spy Stick To Catch A Cheating Spouse Or Partner

by kajay on May 28, 2011

Does your partner or spouse go home late at night?

Does your partner or spouse go out every so often?

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Does he/she hide his/her private life to you?

If that’s the case, start considering that your spouse or partner is hiding something that you do not want to know, and worst is that he/she is cheating.

That makes perfect sense, after all why would he/she hide information from you? People only hide information that they do not want others to know, and in this case, what you do not want to know.

All relationships stand on the element of loyalty, and once one begins to lose the loyalty, the relationship collapses.

It usually happens when the other person is not satisfied anymore with his/her partner. When dissatisfaction happens, infidelity usually occurs.

So if you are starting to doubt your partner or spouse’s loyalty to you, what you ought to do is catch a cheating spouse or partner, and have evidences of his infidelity. But that task is not easy.

Just because you think that your spouse or partner is cheating on you, doesn’t constitute that he/she is actually cheating. And worst, if he/she is really not cheating and you ask him/her about it, he/she will surely get angry.

Due to the fact that when someone is doing acts of infidelity, one does everything he/she can to conceal the evil deeds.

And that is why it will be very hard to be sure if your spouse or partner is still loyal to you. If you wish to know the truth, you must be one step ahead.

Luckily there is a device that you may use to catch a cheating spouse or partner, and it is the iPhone Spy Stick. It is a device that can be used to recover deleted information on someone’s iPhone.

This makes perfect sense, after all most of the acts of infidelity are arranged using cell phones; dates are arranged by it, communication happens using it, etc.

A cheating spouse or partner is not stupid though, that is why he/she will make it a point that no trace is left behind.

A cheating spouse or partner will delete all the information that may prove of his infidelity.

Text messages by the person he/she is having secret affairs with, and call logs to the secret person will surely be deleted, and he/she might even change the name so that you won’t suspect a thing. What you used to know to be “Mike” on the phone, might be “Michelle” in reality.

But luckily, iPhone Spy Stick can solve that problem.

So you will ask, “how to use iPhone Spy Stick to prove if my partner or spouse is cheating?”. It’s really easy, and the task of catching a cheating spouse or partner will be done, to remove all the doubt that you have.

It is a device that will be inserted on the iPhone using the USB port. Once inserted, the iPhone Spy Stick will collect deleted information from the iPhone, and you can access them when you insert it on your computer.

The information that will be gathered are very important, and here are some information that can be gathered to name a few:

1. Text messages. This is one of the most important, for you will know what are the messages that your partner or spouse is receiving and making.

Of course, a cheating partner will delete such data, and would want none to see it, but using iPhone Spy Stick you can access deleted data, and see what your spouse or partner is up to.

2. Internet History. This is important once again. Because you would want to know what websites your partner is visiting.

Knowledge on what things are being brought from the internet by your partner is valuable too. As they say, you can know a man basing from his garbage, and deleted information is a way that you can really know if your partner is cheating or not.

3. Calendar reminders and Appointment. This is important too. You could see if your partner set up a meet up to someone.

4. Call History. This is important again. Using this, you can see who is talking with your partner or spouse and who had he/she been dialing. You could even know for how long they had been talking.

If he constantly dials a stranger, it’s a good thing to investigate about that number and to know for yourself if your partner is cheating.

There are other information that can be attained using iPhone Spy Stick other than the four. Deleted Graphics and Photos, Contacts, Dynamic Text Data, Voice Memos, Map History, and iPhone properties can all be accessed using iPhone Spy Stick. All of them are useful in tracking down a cheating spouse or partner.

A good advantage of using iPhone Spy Stick is you don’t need to install anything on the iPhone. Just insert the device and the information will be gathered.

The device looks like an ordinary Flash Drive, so your partner won’t even know that you are having an access to his/her deleted content.

And since few people know that the deleted data is still accessible, then your partner wouldn’t even be vigilant.

The bad thing about it is that you should have a physical access to the phone each time you want to use it, thus you have to borrow it, or get it while his sleeping.

Well, that problem is easily solved, considering that even cheating people lets their partner have their phone, because they tought that they already deleted “evidences”. Well, they are wrong.

iPhone Spy Stick works on all iPhones. You can access all deleted information just by inserting the device. With this, catching an infidel will be easier.

You can now remove the suspicions and know once and for all if your spouse or partner is still loyal to you.

Remember that they won’t delete information that doesn’t need to be deleted, but information that may serve as evidences of their infidelity, is something that ought to be deleted. Thanks to iPhone Spy Stick even deleted information can be accessed, thus all secrets will be revealed.

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Disclaimer: Spying may be an offense in your jurisdiction or country to monitor the activities of other individuals. So depending on where you are located, please consult your attorney before resorting to any spying.

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