Business Travel And Infidelity- Is Your Spouse Cheating On You?

by kajay on December 6, 2011

A report from Eagle Investigative Services indicate that up to 42% of women whose spouse or partner go on business trips to out of town destinations suspect that their significant other are cheating on them while away.

One can’t blame them though for having such suspicions, as business travel provides a wide window of opportunity for a cheating spouse or partner to commit infidelity.

There is even a theory developed before called The 50-mile Rule which state that a spouse or a partner will more likely cheat on their significant other is they’re away from them for 50 miles or more.

Whether this theory is substantiated or not, it just shows how vulnerable travelling people are to infidelity, particularly travelling alone on a business trip to a location so far away that it is virtually impossible for the his or her significant other to monitor.

This is confirmed by a report from USA Today, noting the high infidelity rate among business travelers they have interviewed regarding involvement in extramarital affairs.

Whether the business trip is real or just a ploy by a cheating partner to gain a free hand with his or her escapades, the fact that they are totally free from their partner’s direct scrutiny or in a location that is far from sight of friends and acquaintances gives them the chance they need to commit infidelity.

Travel Scenarios that are Magnets for Infidelity

The following are real business travel scenarios that would put a spouse or partner in a position to commit infidelity, whether intentional or not.

Whether business travel is a regular work scenario or just a one-time thing, each travel scenario is unique but is similar in the fact that the suspected spouse or partner is travelling alone or with a companion – but not with their significant other.

*Traveling with a Co-Worker

Latest statistics from infidelity experts reveal that the workplace is the number 1 place where people commit infidelity.

The first seeds of an affair often begin at work: with a co-worker, boss or client – that would soon blow out of proportion once they’re out and alone together on a business trip.


An all expense paid trip to a usually wonderful location far, far away from their spouses or partners presents a perfect scenario to commit infidelity.

Too often, co-workers who work together on a daily basis, spend most of their waking hours at the office, and better relate to one-another than their spouse or partner, have hidden emotions towards each other that they could not express among other co-workers.

In a business trip that involves these two co-workers, the reigns holding their emotions back will totally disappear and there will be nothing left to stand between them an infidelity.

*The Out-of-Town Business Convention

A spouse or a partner sent to a business convention will often find themselves in a place so wonderful that they would more often than not forget about domestic concerns and other issues back home or at the office.

In this relaxed state, the spouse or partner would meet other interesting people under the same frame of mind. One situation would lead to another and they would eventually find themselves committing infidelity.

*Travelling with the Boss

This is similar to travelling with a co-worker, but this time one person is the subordinate or the superior to the other at work.

In many cases, it involves a boss and his secretary and in travelling together they would find themselves in a situation where they are alone with each other, getting more comfortable with one another, until the boss-employee boundaries shatter and they find themselves entering a relationship that would betray their spouse or partner.

It may start with an emotional attachment during the course of their boss-employee relationship that may evolve into romance – triggered during their business trip.

*Travelling Alone

Business trips can be a regular thing and a part of the spouse or a partner’s job description, such as maintaining accounts in a different state or direct interaction with a branch office or subsidiary.

In such trips, the travelling partner or spouse is subjected to a whole barrage of temptations: from stripers and call girls, to someone they met at a bar or at another office in that location.

A spouse or partner would be vulnerable in such situations and would often succumb to the temptation knowing that their spouse or partner is miles away for them to get caught.

Business Travel Tactics Cheating Partners Use

The situations described earlier are scenarios that could lead one to commit infidelity. However, a cheating spouse or partner can also deliberately use business travel tactics to cheat on their partners and be with someone else during these trips.

*The Fake Business Trip

A cheating spouse or partner could cleverly invent a business trip, fooling both their partners and the company that they’re working for, in order to spend days of vacationing with their secret lovers.

A person usually sent on business trips on a regular basis can use this tactic to cheat on their spouses or partners – unless their significant others somehow got in touch with people at their partners’ work and find discrepancies with their supposed “business trips”

*The Extended Business Trip

Another tactic often used by a cheating spouse or partner is when they intentionally extend the number of days into their legitimate business trip and spend this extra time with their lovers or spend a few days in a short fling with one of the locals.

*The Fake Hotel Booking

A cheating spouse or partner who often goes on a regular business trip to a specific location may maintain an affair in that location and would often spend time with their lovers during these business trips.

One way they can do this is to fake his hotel booking and spend the nights while he or she is away in their lover’s home.

*Business Trip – But Not Alone

It is not uncommon for business people to bring along their spouses or partners on business trips.

A change from this pattern may be subject for suspicion of infidelity, particularly if the suspected partner does not bring their significant other along with them anymore, or if they insist on travelling to the airport and back alone.

There is a thin wall between business travel and infidelity and many have easily breached this wall and succumb to the temptations of the flesh or their emotions, engaging in a physical or emotional relationship with another.

Understanding the reasons and knowing the signs of infidelity that goes with business travel can prime you up to what your next steps should be.


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